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Welcome to the Hooper Square residents area. We’ve included a wealth of information to help make living in the development an easier and more pleasant experience for everyone.

Living at Hooper Square – FAQs

What can I do with my rubbish?

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For your domestic waste only, there are two Bin Stores. These are located in the Conant Mews car park area and adjacent to the Bowman Mews car park area. The staff can point these out to you if necessary. These bins are only for non-recyclable domestic waste, which must be in closed bags, with any broken glass or sharp objects well wrapped to protect our staff who may have to handle the bags.

What can I do with my recycling?

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HSRAL cooperates with Tower Hamlets in providing recycling facilities and there are purple communal bins at one side of the Bowman Mews car park area. Clear sacks are now no longer needed and items can be placed into the bin loose. Please refer to the Tower Hamlets web site for information as to what items may be recycled. Please flatten all boxes (otherwise they take up too much room) and remove all polystyrene or plastic packing material.

What can I do with bulky items I want to get rid of?

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Bulky items like furniture or household appliances must be disposed of correctly. There is
a free bulk waste collection service available to residents via Streetline, a Borough
operated service. Please speak to Reception staff for more details. You must not leave
such items in the bin store or outside your property

Where can I park?

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All parking spaces and garages belong to a specific property. Yours will be defined in the plans of your property. You can ask the Concierge or the Estate Manager if you are unsure of the location. You must park only in your own space or garage. If you have a second car, you can try to find another resident who has a spare space to rent, otherwise it will need to be parked outside the Estate: Visitor Parking spaces are only for the use of visitors.

Where can my guests park?

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The 5 Visitor Parking spaces are on the right of the vehicle entry gates on Hooper Street. Your visitors must report to Reception and give their vehicle number and an estimate of their departure time, and will be given a permit to display. If no spaces are available, your visitors will need to park outside the Estate.

What happens with my post?

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Standard post items are delivered to your door by Royal Mail. Recorded mail and larger items such as packages will be accepted by the Concierge staff on your behalf.

All mail so received is recorded in a database, and a mail slip will be delivered to your door on the day the item is received to let you know it is there. A reminder will be generated after 3 days if the item is not claimed. If you are not personally known to the staff on duty, you may be asked to produce identification, especially for recorded items, so please bring identification with you. Recorded items will only be released to the person named on the package.

The mail holding area has very limited storage space, and large items such as furniture cannot be accepted. If you expect large or heavy items, you must arrange for someone to be at home to accept the delivery.

Where can I hang my washing?

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Your washing has to stay inside your flat.

How can I connect my TV?

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You can connect your TV with the central television systems in the building, which is administered and maintained by Community Vision. This provides a digital terrestrial television service known as Freeview to all flats. Modern TVs only need to be plugged in to the existing aerial socket to access Freeview. If you want a connection to Sky, this can be arranged by Community Vision; the cost of this will vary by type, and can be confirmed by calling Community Vision on 01892 722 887.

Is there cable TV?

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No cable TV is available on the Estate, and there are no plans to have it in the future.

Is there Broadband?

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You can connect your existing phone line with a router for very basic broadband. For more
demanding users, a fibre connection is available. This is provided by Hyperoptic, who offer
both broadband only and broadband with phone packages at several different speeds up
to 1Gb.Their fibre comes into the Hooper Square buildings and will use the existing
conduits to be brought right into any property. If you are interested in having a fast
connection, please contact Hyperoptic directly –

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