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Hooper Square has 24 hour concierges providing security, supported by an extensive CCTV system with 24 hour recording facilities. The CCTV system is not a protection against criminal activity in itself and cannot be monitored continuously as staff have other duties to perform. By far the best security we can collectively offer is vigilance, and simple personal security measures being observed. Please note the following basic security advice which should be adopted at all times:  

  • When entering or leaving the estate make sure the door or gate closes completely behind you. 
  • Do not allow anyone to enter behind you unless they are personally known to you.
  • Do not allow access to the estate to callers using the Intercom system unless the caller is known to you. 
  • Never wedge open any external doors, or allow contractors working in your property to do so. 
  • Always inform the duty concierge or the police if he is not available, if you see someone loitering or acting suspiciously.
  • Your own flat door should always be adequately secured with good quality locks and window locks fitted to accessible windows. Patio doors and first floor windows should be secured with slide locks at all times, especially during the summer. Patio doors and accessible windows should not be left unsecured at any time.
  • Do not disable the automatic gates to allow access to guests. This may appear to be an unlikely scenario, but has occurred in the past, and of course renders our security useless. 
  • You will normally be expected to collect your guests from Reception. Please inform the Duty Concierge if you have any longer term family visitors or guests, so you do not have to come to Reception if they go out and return during their stay. There are other arrangements for visitors in cars, please consult the notes on Parking.
  • It is the resident’s responsibility to ensure that all their guests are aware of the importance of the security of Hooper Square.

The staff will respond to all calls relating to suspicious activity, so please do not feel embarrassed about calling them. Do not confront anyone acting suspiciously, call from the security of your property by phone or intercom. 

Police Emergency 999

Police Non-Emergency 101

Police Community Support Team. 0208 649 3520

Important Note: We do not permit leafleting, surveys, or takeaway food deliveries for security purposes. If you have ordered take away meals, you will be advised on arrival. Please ensure they are collected from reception or the Conant Mews main door. Access codes will not be issued by staff to any delivery driver, and most certainly should not be given out by residents.