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Our water supplier is Thames Water.

Water Stopcocks 

It is important that all occupiers are aware of the location of water stopcocks in the property in order to minimise damage to the flat and also to avoid potential leaks damaging other properties. All residents should have had this information made available to them on arrival, but are encouraged to find out where they are if this is not the case. Even a few minutes delay can cause catastrophic damage to adjoining properties if mains pressure leaks cannot be stopped in good time.  

The location of stopcocks varies, but broadly speaking is as follows:

  • For apartments accessed from Hooper Street and Backchurch Lane, stopcocks are generally situated inside the water tank cupboards. 
  • Stopcocks in apartments accessed from Conant and Bowman Mews are, in most cases, located behind an access panel in the kitchen, in or near to the sink unit, or else inside the water tank cupboard. 
  • Apartments accessed from internal corridors generally have their stopcocks either in the false ceiling outside the apartment or inside the water tank  cupboard.

The floor layout diagrams have instructions on each one about the different locations of the stopcocks on each floor.