Access Fob System & Gate Intercoms

Access Fob System & Gate Intercoms

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The external gates and main doors are operated automatically by an access fob system and all residents should be in possession of a fob or fobs to ensure ease of access. There are push button intercom panels located at the Bowman and Conant Mews gates enabling communication with reception. For security purposes, staff will normally request anyone requiring access without an access fob to report via the main reception for the purposes of identification. For this reason, access fobs should be carried at all times to avoid inconvenience.

Access fobs will normally be made available to new tenants/residents by the lessee or outgoing tenant. Where this is not the case, fobs can be purchased from reception and a refundable deposit will be charged as well as the fee for the fob. Details and current rates for purchase can be obtained at reception. Access fobs have a long life in normal use, but will not stand up to abuse such as being put in washing machines, and are designed to attach to key rings rather than being left in a pocket.

Access fobs are required for all main entrances and should be carried at all times. There is a push button entry panel for the Conant Mews main door from the gardens. The access code is changed regularly and notified to the appropriate residents.

If you experience difficulty with your fob, please report to reception for assistance. Fobs will be re-programmed where possible, but damaged and lost fobs will need to be re-purchased. 

On leaving the development permanently, you will be required to hand in the correct fob for your deposit to be refunded.  

Please ensure that you control your fob and, should it be lost, that you notify the concierge immediately so that it can be cancelled. 

Estate Agents will be made aware of the importance of the access fob and the need to prevent unauthorised use.