Lift Emergency

Lift Emergency

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Our lifts are serviced and maintained by a professional lift maintenance company. Lifts are regularly serviced, and also undergo scrutiny and certification by qualified lift engineers appointed by our insurers in addition to our servicing contractors’ routine maintenance. Lift breakdowns are uncommon, and incidents of persons becoming trapped in lifts are rare.

The emergency operation of failed lifts is complex, and if carried out incorrectly can be unsafe. For this reason, only qualified lift engineers or the fire brigade are permitted to open our lifts in an emergency. Staff are not permitted to open lifts at any time. Engineers are available on a 24 hour basis, and if they are not readily able to attend, the fire brigade is requested to assist. 

Both lifts have an emergency button which rings a shaft mounted bell. Both lifts also have an emergency telephone which can be used to contact the main desk or the lift company itself. In the event of a lift failure, staff will try to identify the floor at which the lift is stuck, and communicate with anyone inside to advise what they are doing to resolve the problem. They will contact the Lift Maintenance Company emergency line, or fire brigade if necessary.

Whilst it is appreciated that being stuck in a lift can be quite worrying, please accept that the lifts contain several safety mechanisms which prevent any serious mishap. Lifts usually fail simply because of minor issues such as loose door sensors; this is easily fixed, but can lead to the car stopping incorrectly or between floors. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself stuck in the lift, please remain calm, operate the alarm bell, or contact the staff via the Conant telephone. You may also call the staff emergency mobile number on 07973509443.