Subletting and Sales

Subletting and Sales

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If you propose to sublet your flat it is recommended that you engage the services of a reputable agent who will carefully vet proposed tenants and ensure that the agreement used will allow repossession at the end of the term. They can also manage the tenancy for you. Your chosen letting agent should liaise with the Estate Manager who has forms for them to complete to give the staff all the information required. You should also give a copy of this guide to your tenant so they are aware of the facilities and rules of the estate.

Prior consent is required from HSRAL for sub-lettings (see lease) and sub-tenancies must be registered with the company’s solicitors for which their fees are payable by the Lessee.


Consent is also required for selling your flat. (It is referred to as ‘Assignment of your lease’). Your Solicitors will deal with the formalities required. Your solicitor will require a clear receipt for service charges so your account must be paid up to date; apportionment of service charges between buyer and seller will be arranged by the respective solicitors. Notice of Assignment should be served by the purchaser’s solicitors on HSRAL’s solicitors who in turn will advise the Hooper Square Estate Manager. Details of HSRAL’s solicitors can be obtained from the Estate Manager on request.

Estate Agents’ Boards are not allowed to be erected on the Hooper Square Estate. 

Sales Packs

There is a fee for a sales pack request. Your solicitor should contact the Estate Manager to request a pack. No pack will be issued until payment is made.