Intercom (Entry-phone) system at main reception

Intercom (Entry-phone) system at main reception

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Each property has an intercom handset which connects to/from the reception desk. This handset can also be used to open the main reception door when the system is placed in night-mode (when the Concierge is away from the desk). When the Concierge is away from the desk, the external intercom panel outside the main door in Hooper Street can be used by the visitor to address any flat by incorporating before the flat number a prefix number used to denote the correct block as follows:

  • Hooper Street Prefix 1
  • Backchurch Lane Prefix 2 
  • Conant Mews Prefix 3
  • Bowman Mews Prefix

To call an apartment from the external panel outside reception:

  • Select the appropriate prefix as listed above, followed by the flat number and press the “CALL” button.
  • “CALL IN PROGRESS” will show on the display 
  • Then “SPEAK” will show and you will hear the person called
    Please note that contact is limited to approximately 2 – 2½ minutes, after which the system will cut off and it will be necessary to re-dial. 

When the Reception desk is manned, all visitors should advise the duty Concierge of which flat they are visiting.