Post and Packages

Post and Packages

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Standard post items are delivered to your door by Royal Mail. Recorded mail and larger items such as packages will be accepted by the Concierge staff on your behalf. 

All mail so received is recorded in a database, and a mail slip will be delivered to your door on the day the item is received. A reminder will be generated after 3 days if the item is not claimed. If you are not personally known to the staff on duty, you may be asked to produce identification, especially for recorded items, so please bring identification with you. Recorded items will only be released to the person named on the package.

The mail holding area has very limited storage space, and large items such as furniture cannot be accepted. If large or heavy items are expected, you should arrange for someone to be able to receive them at your property. For insurance purposes, staff are not permitted to assist with the handling of excessively large or heavy items. If you are anticipating deliveries of this type, it is essential you check that the delivery driver will be accompanied. 

When leaving us on a permanent basis, please ensure that you arrange with Royal Mail for redirection of your mail. Unless specific arrangements have been made in advance, any mail delivered after your departure will be returned to sender.