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Our electricity supplier is EDF Energy. 

Loss of power

Widespread or development-wide loss of power will be apparent to staff on duty, who will take appropriate action to notify EDF with a view to restoring power. Loss of power in individual properties is usually localised, and can result from a number of minor problems which can be easily resolved by the occupier.

There is a mains board containing circuit breakers (fuses) in every property, contained in a white drop-front cabinet, usually located next to the water tank. If power fails, it will normally be due to either lights, power sockets or the cooker. It is uncommon for all to fail. If this does happen, please refer to the following before requesting a member of staff to assist:

  • Locate the mains board and pull the front open.
  • Inside you will see a row of switches which should be marked as lights, cooker, heating and so on.
  • If one of these switches is not showing green (is facing the opposite direction to the others) a single circuit has tripped. This may be resolved by simply flicking the switch back on, in line with the others.
  • If this fails, it is possible that:
    • A single appliance is causing the problem if the ‘sockets’ switch has tripped
    • A light bulb has blown or a bulb of the wrong rating has been installed
  • If the power sockets fail, and the socket switch will not reset, unplug all appliances, put the switch in the on position, and then plug them in one at a time until the switch pops again. This will indicate which appliance is at fault, and it should not be used again until checked or replaced.
  • If lights fail, and you have recently changed a bulb, remove the bulb and try again. If this fails, you will need to summon an electrician to see if there is water affecting the lights or a more difficult underlying problem exists.
  • The switches themselves (the RCDs) can also fail, and if this occurs you must call a qualified electrician rather than attempt to replace the breaker yourself.
  • If the cooker switch trips and will not reset, isolate the cooker and call an electrician. The cooker is on a 30amp circuit and should only be repaired by an expert.
  • If power to the entire flat fails at the same time, the main switch located in the centre of the row (coloured red) will be in the off position. Some units may have a push button main switch rather than the ‘up down’ lever type. It should however still be central. If all power goes you may try the following:
    • Place all switches in the off position (showing the red cap)
    • Press or switch the mains switch to the on position, and then switch the others to on, one at a time. If a particular switch blows the main switch again, you will need to leave it off and consult an electrician.