Fire and Fire Precautions

Fire and Fire Precautions

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Fire Systems 

There are smoke alarms located in all corridors, which are connected to the alarm panel in Reception. If they are activated, the duty concierge will investigate and advise residents if there is any reason for concern. Please note that there is no audible alarm system in use at Hooper Square. In the event of a fire, you will be advised by the duty Concierge.

If smoke alarms are activated, fire doors will close automatically and will remain closed until it is certain there has been no fire found. Please do not smoke in corridors as this may activate the alarms. 

Fire extinguishers are only to be used by TRAINED Estate Staff and not for domestic use. They have been situated to assist the Fire Brigade in tackling electrical fires in the electrical risers.

All flats have inbuilt fire protection standards sufficient to contain fire long enough for the arrival of the emergency services in normal circumstances.     

General Fire Precautions

Occupants of flats are more vulnerable to certain fire risks than people who live in houses. HSRAL operates a passive response system to fire emergencies; that is to say that no attempt will be made by staff to undertake wide ranging evacuation of residents in the event of a reported fire, except for those residents in the immediate vicinity. Flats are designed to contain fire for up to 60 minutes, and any evacuation deemed necessary will be undertaken by the fire services on arrival. All residents must familiarise themselves with all local emergency stairwells. 

There are smoke alarms in all corridors that are connected to the alarm panel in reception. There are fire extinguishers available to staff where required on each floor, but these are not generally suited for use in flats. Whenever any alarm is activated, the duty Concierge will check the cause and will take the appropriate action in accordance with his/her instruction. Activation of the smoke alarms will not trigger any audible alarms, but the fire doors will close automatically.

If you suspect there may be a fire or you can smell smoke

If you suspect a fire, or smell smoke but are unable to pinpoint the source, notify the reception staff by intercom or telephone immediately. They will investigate and advise you of their findings.

If you discover a fire in your property

The general advice should a fire start in your flat, is to:

  • Leave the room and close the door. 
  • Alert other occupants in the flat and the neighbouring flats only. 
  • Phone the fire brigade (999). Stay calm. The operator will ask for your personal details.
  • Report to the Concierge Desk at Hooper Street. If you need to contact the Duty Concierge by phone, the landline is 020 7481 8257 and the Mobile is 07973 509443

If you are advised to evacuate the building

  • You should be aware in advance of the location of the nearest fire exit
  • Exit via the stairwells only. Do not use the lift as these may fail in a fire
  • Go to the nearest open space or car park. Do not leave the vicinity, as the emergency services will want to confirm as far as possible who may be left in the building.

Simple fire precautions

Please be aware that corridor smoke detectors are not linked to individual properties, and will not detect the early signs of a fire originating in the flat itself. Lessees are responsible for providing internal smoke detectors for their own properties. Smoking is prohibited in all common areas of Hooper Square. Cigarette smoke will activate the smoke detector sensors.

Prevention is better than cure and the following guidelines should be observed:

  • Gas bottles and flammable materials including petrol must not be stored in flats or garages at any time. Fire regulations and lease conditions specifically prohibit the storage of gas containers or petrol on the premises. Do not accumulate old paint tins, aerosol cans or any other pressurised containers. 
  • It is advisable to keep a domestic fire extinguisher in the flat and/or a fire blanket in the kitchen. All lessees should install their own smoke alarms. Battery operated smoke alarms should be checked regularly; they may save your life. 
  • Make your tenants aware of the Fire Evacuation Stairs and evacuation routes.
  • Keep an eye on children especially when cooking and keep matches/lighters out of their reach. 
  • Switch off electrical equipment which does not need to be on permanently, both at night and when leaving the flat.
  • Make sure cigarette stubs, matches and candles are fully extinguished. 
  • Dispose of cigarettes in a responsible manner and do not throw them out of windows, balconies or terraces. The lit cigarette may end up in another resident’s apartment and cause injury or start a fire.
  • Make sure any portable heaters (which should be avoided if possible) are in a safe position away from furnishings. 
  • Close internal doors whenever possible.
  • Take great care with chip pans, or pans being used for oil or alcohol based food preparation. Make sure they do not overheat, and never leave them unattended. If a pan of oil should catch fire NEVER throw water on it or you will spread burning oil all over the kitchen and possibly yourself. Turn the heat off, smother the flames with a damp towel, fire blanket, or the pan lid, and leave it to cool. If fire spreads contact the Fire Brigade and report to the Concierge.
  • When going away for weekends or holidays, consider which appliances might be switched off.