General Maintenance Issues

General Maintenance Issues

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The Estate Manager will assist wherever possible in identifying and offering assistance with maintenance issues in individual properties, but the responsibility for repair rests with the lessee. In an emergency situation, HSRAL cannot authorise repairs on behalf of the lessee, and any repair agreed by the tenant must be resolved with the lessee directly and should be authorised by the landlord/owner in advance of costs being incurred. 

HSRAL will assist in isolating or minimising any damaging impact caused by leaks or emergency situations; this may result in the isolation of water supplies to individual properties pending permanent repair as approved by the lessee. A wet and dry hoover can be made available to residents to remove water spillage.

All contractors and their vehicles should be covered by adequate public liability insurance. Lessees are advised to check that works are undertaken only by suitably qualified persons, as any failure of works occasioning damage to HSRAL stock or buildings may be chargeable to the lessee if works of an unsatisfactory or unqualified nature have been approved by the lessee.  

The following have been highlighted as issues affecting flats which residents/lessees should consider and be aware of:

Water Based Incidents
Electrical Issues
Maintenance of Patios, Balconies & Gardens