Parking and Security

Parking and Security

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The security and welfare of the owners, residents and staff is paramount in the management of Hooper Square. It is important that we know who is using the car park and who has access to the buildings and car park.

To ensure that we are aware of all who park their vehicles and have the use of an access fob

  • Only a Leaseholder, their authorised tenant or their agents are to hold an access fob.
  • Only the owner of the parking space, their family, guest or their tenants are authorised to park in the allocated parking space or garage. We would ask the Leaseholder to inform the Estate Team if their tenants, family or guests are parking at Hooper Square.
  • All temporary visitors or contractors must be advised to report to the Concierge where they will be issued a visitor’s permit. This will permit the parking of a vehicle in the visitors’ parking areas only.
  • All lost access fobs must be reported to the Estate Team so that they can be cancelled.
  • For security reasons it is not permitted to let a car parking space or garage to a non-resident at Hooper Square.

To purchase a new access fob please contact the Concierge. The cost of a new fob will include a refundable deposit.