Visitor Parking

Visitor Parking

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Almost all of our properties have allocated parking, and there are 6 visitor parking bays. The visitor bays are not available for use by residents with allocated parking. Visitor parking can, on occasion, be seriously oversubscribed due to works and standard demand.

All visitors parking is permit controlled, permits being available from reception. Permits for contractors are allocated on a daily basis, only where space is available. Visitor and guest parking can be allocated on a two day basis, though this will be extended where it is possible to do so. Prior booking of bays will be taken into consideration but cannot be guaranteed.

All bays other than visitor bays are privately owned and cannot be allocated by HSRAL. Unauthorised use of the bays may result in the removal of offending vehicles at the owner’s expense without warning. There is roadside parking available in Hooper Street and Backchurch Lane, which is free at certain times and at weekends. Please consult the Borough road-side signage for current details.

Visitors arriving by vehicle should be advised to report to Hooper Square Reception before entering the estate; they will be given instruction as to where to park, and asked to come to Reception for a permit. Access requested via the gate intercom without prior notice will not be given to unexpected visitors.  Please note that vehicles parked without permits may be removed.

Please advise the Concierge if you are allowing your parking bay to be used by members of your family or your contractor.

For detailed parking diagrams please refer to the attached diagrams or seek advice from staff.