Refuse Disposal

Refuse Disposal

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General Waste

There are main bin stores located in the Bowman Mews and Conant Mews car park areas where domestic waste can be deposited. The bin stores are are only to be used for domestic household waste.

Household domestic waste should be in bags. Residents should place the bags in the bins in the bin store. Staff can point out the location of the bin store. The location is also shown on the Ground Floor Layout diagram on Page 38.

Refuse bags have to be handled by staff, so please ensure any glass or other sharp objects are securely wrapped. Do not overfill bags, as this results in their splitting.

Large or bulky waste may not be left in the bin stores, as it will not be removed by the borough collection service, and the estate will be forced to pay up to £200.00 for collection of bulk waste items (the cost of this is added to your service charge). Contractors’ waste must not be placed in the bin stores either, and contractors must be advised that all wastage from works must be removed from site.

There is a free bulk waste collection service available to residents via Streetline, a Borough operated service. Residents can request collection of large items free of charge by appointment. Usually Streetline will require ground floor access to the item, requiring the resident to leave it out overnight on occasion. Where this is anticipated, please advise staff accordingly. 

If bulk items are not removed as agreed, the estate is not able to reschedule the collection for you without a reference number. For this reason, please ensure a reference number is provided by Streetline when arranging collection. Smaller bulk items may, depending on available space, be left for collection in room 50. Please speak to staff for more detail, including the Streetline contact details. 

It is not HSRAL’s responsibility to dispose of lessees or tenants unwanted furniture or household appliances. Some charities are prepared to collect furniture that is still in good condition. Please be advised that recovery action will be taken against residents if costs are incurred in removing bulk waste, including contractors’ waste.


Recycling facilities are available at Hooper Square.

There are separate recycling bins which have pictograms showing what can and cannot be recycled. 

The procedure to use them is as follows:

  • Only the items shown as recyclable should be put in the bins
  • Recycling sacks are no longer required, recyclable items may be put directly into the bins, they do not need to be in a recycling sack
  • For those who want them, clear recycling sacks can be collected from the Whitechapel Idea Store (the Library). The full sack may then be placed in the bin.
  • The Council advises that any clear sack or bag may put into the bin. 
  • The bins will be emptied once a week.

Please do not be tempted to use a black plastic bag. Tower Hamlets will refuse to empty any recycling bin which is contaminated with general waste. 

Cardboard boxes

  • Please remove any plastic, polystyrene or other non-recyclable packing material
  • Please flatten cardboard boxes and place them loose in the recycling bins.