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Gas barbecues and patio heaters are strictly prohibited in accordance with the lease conditions, and fire safety instruction from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. 

The lease requires the Estate Manager or staff to enforce various covenants pertaining to nuisance caused to individual residents. These include smoke from non-gas barbecues entering properties. In the event of a complaint from neighbours, the management will be required to intervene, and request that barbecues of all types are extinguished immediately. Non-compliance with such a reasonable request will be deemed to be a breach of the lease. 

All residents are advised of the damaging effects of smoke from barbecues, which can include permeation of furnishings and clothing, and in some cases can aggravate medical conditions such as asthma. It is not possible to control the spread of smoke, and residents are therefore requested not to use barbecues, especially on balconies where the proximity of other properties mean you are likely to inconvenience your neighbours..

HSRAL is not insured for any fire or accidental damage arising from the use of open heat sources, and any damage arising from the use of barbecues, including damage to planting and common parts or boundaries, will chargeable to individual residents.