Welcome to the first What’s Happening for April 2015 at Hooper Square.

To improve communication between Leaseholders, tenants and the Estate Management Team I have installed, at Reception, a Comments Folder for you to record your concerns and observations. I can also be contacted on: [email protected] or [email protected].

My direct line is: +44 0207 702 9500. I am on duty from 8am to 5pm but will be holding later night Meet the Manager evening until 8pm once a month. These dates will be advertised in advance.

Meet the Directors Night
A meet the Directors Night will take place on Monday 27th April from 6:30pm until 9pm in the Estate Office. This will be your chance to meet the Board and discuss any concerns you have about Hooper Square and the plans for the future.

Board meetings
The next Board meeting will be held on the Tuesday 14th April. Please let me have any points you want to bring to the Board’s attention.

Redecoration of the Reception
The redecoration of the Reception is now taking place. What has happened so far?

New power saving LCD plant grow lamps have been fitted into the ceiling above the flower beds. These are specialist lamps that will encourage the plants to grow.

New LCD power saving down lighters fitted in reception desk.

The floor tiles are being re-grouted.

The flower bed covers have been removed and the old varnish removed.

The flower beds will be filled with compost. 

Art work
I have had a meeting with London Metropolitan University at Whitechapel and am waiting for the University to come back to me with some ideas.

Recycle Bins
Thank you to those who responded to my e-mails/letters and web page about the location of the bin store. I had an 85% response in favour of the location of the store. The building work will begin after the Easter Break.

Tree removal
The two trees have been removed and I am waiting for the supplier to come back with the costs of replacement.

Pest Control
A new fully comprehensive pest control contract is now in place. The cost works out at £71.94 per annum per flat. If you do have signs of pest contact me directly so that we get full usage of this contract.

Lift Contract
A new lift company has now been contracted to carry out the servicing and maintenance of the two lifts.

Main Garden Lights
I am pleased to say that a supplier has been found that manufactures the globe light shades that are on the street lights within the garden. It is planned that the current damaged ones will be replaced after Easter.

Carrying out renovation within the apartment
Advice must be sought from the Board of Directors that any renovation work you want to carry out conforms to the terms of your Lease. If you are planning on removing a wall, replacing a kitchen or hot water tank, you must inform the Board. Please contact me by e-mail for the relevant form of request for the Board’s advice.

Hot water tanks
There has recently been an increase in the number of hot water systems failing within apartments. Can I pleas suggest that the Leaseholder has the tanks and pumps inspected by a qualified plumber/electrician.

Friendly reminder- Window cleaning
Can I please remind all Leaseholders and Tenants it is their responsibility to clean the windows. The windows have a flip over mechanism so you can clean the outside. Please ask for an explanation or demonstration if you don’t know how to do this.